My story is all about how I found a sustainable balance between diet and exercise. Through trial and error I have worked out what works best for me and my body. I hope through sharing my experiences I can help motivate and inspire you too.

From the age of five I swam two, three, sometimes four times a week. Exercise was routine, it was a part of daily life that just happened. Mum would load my brother and I into the car and off we went. Until the age of sixteen that is, when school, exams, teenage angst or whatever got in the way. Swimming no longer had the same appeal and I’d much rather hang out with my friends than plod repetitively up and down the same stretch of water for an hour and half. 

As the number of sessions diminished to zero, I failed to adjust my eating habits accordingly. My calorie input, whilst remaining the same, did not match my decrease in activity levels, so the pounds piled on. I went from a slender size 10 to a 14 by the time I started uni. Having tried to lose weight by eating less or ‘more healthily’, I lacked the will power to stick to these and any exercise regimes I started were short lived. The truth is I wanted to see results over night by doing little or no work.  

After a term at uni I was delighted to find I had lost nearly a stone. At last! I wasn’t sure what I was doing but it seemed to be working so I carried on. Turns out a diet consisting solely of Ben and Jerry’s, whilst delicious, is not actually the best for ones overall health and well being. Who knew!?

Over the next few years I struggled with various aches and pains, I found it difficult to concentrate and I was constantly tired, sometimes collapsing after a particularly active day. Eventually after various medical tests and investigations I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. This was more than just being a lazy student.

Whilst the doctors were sympathetic to my situation their suggestions and interventions did little to help. I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I could let this condition define me for the rest of my life or I could do something to change it. I started researching other peoples’ stories on line. Graduated Exercise Programmes came up a lot.

It became clear that a solution would not happen overnight. It would take, time, patience, set- backs and dedication. It took a bit of trial and error to find my exercise starting level. I suffered particularly severe delayed onset fatigue after my first few attempts. After establishing a baseline I gradually began increasing my exercise intensity. My tolerance and endurance began to increase and I began to feel less exhausted after more intense work oust, and, something I thought was impossible…I began to enjoy exercising. Plus workout clothes are really comfy! I admit I sometimes wear them for lounging round the house.

The last step on my road to recovery was my diet. Whilst my stamina was improving there were days I still felt completely out of it. During one of my online research session I stumbled across an article about how gluten intolerance can sometimes cause some of the symptoms I was experiencing. I decided to give it a try and I haven’t looked back.

The transformation is truly remarkable and I can honestly say the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices. I feel good. I can do the things I want to do instead of having to cancel last minute because I feel too tired. I feel more in control, and more confident and as a bonus my weight is under control and I feel good about my body too. If you can relate or have been inspired by my story book in for your free consultation. 

My Vision

  • Motivation - encouraging individuals to exercise regularly, safely and at the right level.
  • Education - about the significant physical and mental health benefits of regular exercise.  
  • Guidance - to help individuals take control of their own health and well being.
  • Get feel good fit! -  I want my clients to feel good about themselves because of who they are and what they have achieved.